Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack/Briefcase

Anti Theft Briefcase Features:

Fits Laptop 15.6″
Fits Tablet 10″
Hidden Zips & Pockets
Easily Switch From Backpack to Briefcase
Shockproof & Water Resistant Material
All black Anti Cut Polyester with PU leather front
Ideal For Work & Travel
Reflective Safety Strips
Weight Balanced Design
Luggage & Shoulder Strap Included



The Bobby Bizz anti theft briefcase was designed for people commuting to work on a daily basis and who want to help protect their belongings from thieves. Bobby Bizz gives the user all the space they need to store items such as laptops, work documents, and much more.

What Makes The XD Bobby Bizz Special?

The Bobby Bizz anti theft briefcase was designed to be used as both a briefcase and also a backpack, the shoulder straps can easily be stored away in the back of the bag making it ideal for daily commuting or long journeys. Similar to other anti theft backpacks the Boby Bizz has been designed with hidden zippers, pockets, and no access points on the front side of the bag to reduce the risk of someone getting into the bag whilst you are not looking.

All straps on the Bibby Bizz come with integrated locks which can have the codes changed, along with this they also feature steel reinforced wire. This feature allows you to sit down and clip the bag to a table or chair leg whilst you enjoy lunch without worrying that your bag can be snatched.

The anti theft briefcase also features illuminating strips to help you be seen at night, this comes in handy if you cycle to work or leave work late at night and have to cross any roads. Other features include cut-proof and slash proof  materials on the exterior of the bag to prevent thieves from trying to quickly empty the contents and also make the bag extremely durable over a long time.

If you are a tech freak and like to use your phone a lot you will be pleased to see that the Bobby Bizz backpack comes with an integrated USB port for you to connect a power bank too, this allows you to charge your phone whilst on the move.

With a lightweight and adaptable design, the Bobby Bizz briefcase makes the ideal purchase for those living in cities such as London who want to stay safe on. their commute to work.

What We Thought About Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack/Briefcase?

Perhaps the most corporate selection of all the Bobby Anti-Theft backpacks is the Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack/Briefcase. It’s made for the everyday businessman/woman and offers everything you’d want in both a backpack and briefcase. 

The bag itself has been developed to carry laptops up to 15.6” and tablets up to 10”. It also features a multitude of hidden zips and pockets, in and amongst the shockproof and water resistant material.

Despite looking like everyday normal leather, it’s actually made from an anti-cut material that features a PU leather front. 

When it comes to the Bobby Bizz anti-theft backpack/briefcase, versatility is the name of the game as it switches from a backpack to a briefcase relatively easy making it an ideal choice for those who want to throw it on their back during the commute yet still appear more professional heading into meetings.

Versatile & Functional

Throw in a few illuminating strips to help you remain seen at night, whether you’re walking along the pavement or riding your bike home, this backpack has you covered.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect and the Bobby Bizz does fall short in one particular area; that being it’s lack of compartments for non-valuables. Whether you want to grab your drinks bottle or your umbrella quick sharp, there’s no real easy access so if it’s packed away, you need to access it as you would for your more valuable items. That being said, it’s only £71.99 and with the amount of features you get with it, we think that’s hardly something to sway a purchase.

Overall, it’s a great bag that allows for two-way wearing in the corporate world. Just don’t be too disappointed when it takes you a while to grab your lunch on the go.

Additional information

Weight1.22 kg
Dimensions28 × 10 × 41 cm


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