Bobby Compact Anti Theft Backpack

Anti Theft Backpack Features:

Fits Laptop 14″
Fits Tablet 9″
Hidden Zips & Pockets
Anti Cut Material
External USB Charging Port
Water Resistant Material
Lightweight Material
Reflective Safety Strips
Weight Balanced Design
Includes Tote Bag

Diver BluePreorder£110.40

Pastel BluePreorder£110.40

Coralette PinkPreorder£110.40

Primrose YellowPreorder£110.40

Mint GreenPreorder£110.40


The Bobby Compact anti theft backpack was designed with your security in mind, giving you peace of mind to make sure that no pickpockets can steal any of your belongings.

What Makes The Bobby Compact Special?

The Bobby Compact was designed with no access points on the front side of the bag, giving thieves no way of getting into your anti-theft bag. The Bobby Compact anti-theft bag also comes with hidden zippers and hidden pockets to help reduce the chances of any unwanted thieves being able to find their way to your belongings.

With security in mind, the Bobby Compact pro has been made with cut-proof material to make sure that no one can cut their way into your bag whilst you wait in crowded areas or for them to quickly grab the contents if they were to fall out.

Other bonus features of the XD Bobby Compact pro include a built-in USB port that can be connected to a power bank to keep your phone charged whilst you are on the move. Additionally, the bag has been designed to include illuminating safety strips to help you be seen whilst cycling on the road or walking the streets at night.

With a lightweight design and tough materials, the Bobby Compact pro makes the ideal anti theft bag for those living in cities such as London who want to keep their belongings safe.

What We Thought About The Bobby Compact Anti Theft Bag?

One of the first things you notice about the Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Backpack is it’s size in comparison to a lot of the other Bobby backpacks out there. It is, as it’s name suggests compact. Don’t let the fact that it’s lightweight and small in stature put you off however as it still manages to contain a lot of equipment. It’s made to hold a maximum 14” laptop as well as a 9” tablet along with a fair bit more, so while it is on the smaller side, you can still get everything you need in there.

We’d say this bag in particular is ideal for commuters who need to take their laptops and tech equipment to and from work with them, every day on a crowded train. 

Despite it’s smaller appearance, the anti-theft technology is still seriously mighty, with hidden zips and pockets as well as anti-cut material.

Compact But Capable

The Bobby Compact backpack also boasts some pretty great features such as the fact that it’s made from water resistant material. Ideal for protecting your equipment even on those days when the British weather lets you down. There’s also a brilliant USB port that lets you stay charged on the go.

Perhaps the only downside of this amazing little backpack is that the zips can become a little difficult to close around the curves of the bag when it’s full to the brim. So we’d probably suggest avoiding packing this backpack too much. If you’re looking for a secure, small, lightweight backpack to throw a few things in, this is ideal. If you’re going to be packing it to the rafters however, you may want to consider a bigger model. 

All in all, great bag and top quality throughout!

Additional information

Weight0.889 kg
Dimensions28 × 14 × 39 cm

Coralette, Diver Blue, Mint Green, Pastel Blue, Primrose Yellow

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  1. Anti Theft Bags (store manager)

    Used by the owner of the site for over 6 months, going to France, Scotland, Thailand and many other locations. The bobby compact has held up well with only a small amount of ware and tear on the exterior of the bag. We would highly recommend it!

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