Anti Theft Travel Bags

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Why use an Anti Theft Travel Bag?
Our anti theft travel bags are roomy yet compact and very secure, making them ideal for Carry On Luggage. No one wants their travels ruined by having their valuables stolen. We stock the very best anti theft travel bags, specially designed to deter pickpockets. Our travel rucksacks are perfect for commuting to work or for those looking for a backpack for travelling the world!
Keep your valuables safe from theft with a backpack for travelling!
Key security features of our anti theft travel bags include lockable hidden zippers and multiple RFID (radio frequency identification chip) protected pockets. RIFD protection means that pickpockets can’t steal information from items containing an embedded RFID (some bank cards, passports and driver’s licenses), for instance using your bank card to make a purchase or stealing your identity.

Some of the travelling backpacks also feature cut-resistant polypropylene protection board to prevent pickpockets accessing compartments with a knife.

Our travel bags also boast other convenient features such as water-repellent material, waterproof compartments large enough for shoes and umbrellas and a compartment on the shoulder strap to hold sunglasses and earphones.

Multiple strap adjustment options allow some of the travel backpacks back to be carried as a duffel bag, backpack or cross body. There are also detachable internal dividers and padded compartments to protect electrical devices within some of the backpacking bags.