Upcycled Bags Backpack


Fits Laptop 15.6″
Fits Tablet 9″
Hidden Internal Pockets
Water Repellent Material
Lightweight Durable Fish Feed Bag 0.400KG
Evenly Distributed Weight
Bag Size: 45cm D x 30cm W x 12cm H


Upcycled Fish Feed Bags Backpack

We have all seen those plastic bags filled with fish food at the pet store. But what happens to them after the fish are done feasting? Most likely, they end up in a landfill where they’ll sit for years, slowly leaching toxins into the ground.

But there’s a better way! Our Upcycled Fish Feed Bags Backpack repurposes those old bags into something new and useful – a stylish backpack perfect for carrying your essentials.

Each backpack is handmade in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from durable upcycled fish feed bags. The bags are stitched together with care, and the backpack features two adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. The backpack also has a handy front pocket, perfect for holding your phone or other small items.

Not only is our Upcycled Fish Feed Bags Backpack eco-friendly, it’s also super stylish. The colorful design is eye-catching and unique, and is sure to turn heads when you wear it out and about. So ditch those disposable plastic bags and switch to a sustainable option with our Upcycled Fish Feed Bags Backpack!

Each Upcycled bag will be unique depending on what cut we take from the old fish feed bags or cement bags, the photos are examples of some of the backpacks that have been made and may vary slightly.

Upcycled Cement Bags Backpack

Looking for a stylish, sustainable backpack? Check out our Upcycled Cement Bags Backpack! This backpack is made from upcycled cement bags, so you can feel good about using a product that’s eco-friendly. Plus, it’s stylish and practical. The backpack is perfect for everyday use, whether you’re going to school or hitting the gym. It has one large compartment and two smaller pockets, so you can easily organize all of your belongings. And the best part? The backpack is made in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by skilled artisans. So not only are you using a sustainable product, you’re also supporting fair trade.

The material is very light, durable and water-repellent, and it also feels very soft.

Backpack Hand Made By: Put Sophea

Backpack Material: Upcycled Fish Feed Bags / Cement Bags

Backpack Made In: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Backpack Size: 45cm x 30cm x 12cm (to) 62cm x 30cm x 12 cm (open)

Backpack NET Weight: approx. 400 g

  • Comfortable to wear, adjustable shoulder straps made of sack and soft cotton or polyester from overproduction
  • Padded back for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable closure, upper opening can be rolled up – if there is a large amount, the body can be increased by 17 cm.
  • Large side zip to the main compartment for quick handling
  • Three inner pockets (1 large, 2 small)
  • Three extra deep outer pockets to protect against accidental access
  • Hard-wearing & water-repellent
  • Handmade, high-quality & fair
  • Signed by the seamstress
  • Unique (not identical to photos above)


In principle, the print on the used original material, cement or fish feed sack, lasts for a very long time, if not forever. However, what he doesn’t like are oils and creams, these lead to a slight detachment of the color. Please just pay attention, then nothing stands in the way of the longevity of your product.

Additional information

Weight0.400 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 12 cm

Material type

Origin Country


Upcycled Style

Fish, Eagle, Mountain


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